Innovation’s Ultimate Ingredient: The Neuroscience & Social Secrets of Confidence

By PCI Ventures at the Pennovation Center (other events)

Wednesday, April 19 2017 3:00 PM 4:00 PM

The difference between entrepreneurial success and failure is often due to a lack of understanding about the difference between passion and confidence. Impactful leaders develop genuine confidence that is evident in their words, actions and auras.  Their confidence is infectious and positively influences everyone around them – from peers and subordinates, to customers, media and financial stakeholders. Confident people think more creatively and they work better in teams. Confidence enables individuals to leverage change and be more resilient. Well-conditioned confidence can even reduce stress and enable the focus needed to reach desired goals. To lead and succeed, competence is the minimumConfidence is the advantage.

Learn how to systemically and sustainably control confidence that will:

  • Amp your personal presence and leadership influence
  • Enable you to persevere with higher levels of resilience and focus
  • Unlock your own and your team’s creativity via more inspired engagement and collaboration
  • Help you to proactively avoid stress, indecision, and guilt

By understanding the scientific causes and social impact of low, fake and core confidence, you’ll be able to instantly assess and improve your own and other people’s confidence. Chief Confidence Officer, Alyssa Dver, will help you train your brain and up your game using the same knowledge and techniques enabling high performance athletes, military and C-suite execs.

Immediate Takeaways:

  • Recognize and retrain behaviors that sabotage confidence.
  • Heightened social and self-awareness that dramatically improves interpersonal interactions and personal reactions.
  • 8 Key Confidence Indicators (KCIs) that will sustainably control your own confidence.
  • Confidence Kickers that easily and immediately turbo-boost leadership impact.

To learn more about Wharton alum and Chief Confidence Officer Alyssa Dver, visit her website: Kickass Confidence

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